4/26/2016: April iCARE Webinar


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C-TraC is a low-resource, evidence-based transitional care system that is well-suited for use by hospitals with remote-dwelling patients, an older population, and/or a patient population with cognitive decline. Specifically, C-TraC uses a telephone-based protocol post hospital discharge.

C-TraC Has Found that :  Nearly 50% of patients have a medication discrepancy within 72 hours post-discharge!

C-TraC can help correct these medication errors. In addition, C-TraC has shown to 30-day readmissions by 1/3rd, is cost-effective, and increases patient safety and satisfaction.

C-TraC Can Help You:

Meet the needs of your patients and community and maintain your leadership as a high-quality rural healthcare provider

 The C-TraC program and materials are free.

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