2021 Rural Health Excellence Award




Nominations Deadline October 1, 2021

This prestigious award is given annually by the Colorado Rural Health Center to honor those who have made a notable contribution to health, healthcare, or a healthcare delivery system in rural Colorado. The award will be presented at the Annual Rural Health Conference.


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To be eligible for the award, a candidate must have made a significant contribution to the health, healthcare, or a healthcare delivery system in a rural Colorado community, area, or region. Healthcare providers, board members, administrators, volunteers and others are eligible for nomination. Despite their enormous contributions, CRHC Board Members are not eligible for nomination while serving on the Board.

The 2021 deadline for entries is October 1, 2021. To nominate someone, simply complete the entry form below prior to the deadline. Feel free to add any additional information, as the form allows you to include an attachment. If you have any questions, please call 720.248.2749 or email info@coruralhealth.org for more information.


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