Thanks to The Colorado Trust for their Sponsorship of this year’s 2013 Forum!!
We would like to thank the Colorado Trust for their continued support and for sponsoring the 2013 Forum. The Colorado Trust is dedicated to achieving access to health for all Coloradans by 2018. They partner with individuals, organizations, agencies and communities across the state in shared efforts to expand health coverage and to improve the health care system. Through grant support for the development and implementation of policies, programs and services, they strive to realize comprehensive change that will mean:
  • Every child will have a real opportunity to grow up healthy
  • Colorado will have a healthy population that contributes to the prosperity of the state
  • Affordable health care coverage will be available to all families and individuals
  • Accessible, quality care will be the norm
  • The health care system will deliver care that is responsive to the needs of all Coloradans.  
Click here to learn more about the Colorado Trust!
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