CRHC Internal Grants: MJJ and Seed
MJJ Grant:

The purpose of the MJJ grant is to help pay for the training and/or education of a local healthcare provider are available for rural facilities or community groups. CRHC will match, two-to-one, the support provided, up to $1,000 a year. Examples of funded trainings/education:

  • A long term care facility might pay for an LPN to acquire an RN license
  • A hospital would help pay for a Medical Assistant training to become a Lab Technician
  • A small community would support a local student in becoming a Physician Assistant.
Awards are made for one year, but applicants may be awarded up to three times. The scholarship recipient must be either currently enrolled in classes or start training within three months of the application date. Learn more about the MJJ Grant and application process here.
Seed Grant:

The Colorado Rural Health Center (CRHC) sets aside a portion of its discretionary revenues for the Colorado Rural Health Seed Grant program. Seed Grant money is available for rural projects whose intent matches the mission of CRHC. Rural organizational members can apply for these grants in amounts up to $1,200. Examples of funded projects:

  • Pays for a portion of startup cost for a new service or program
  • Pays for a FAX machine and the agency covers the phone line costs
  • Purchases a single piece of equipment for a new clinic or ambulance

Learn more about the Seed Grant and application process here.

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