Mark Haeussler, Alpine Leadership, set to present “Leadership” Workshop at CRHC 17th Annual Forum Conference

Cultivating leaders that others want to follow

Mark HaeusslerMark Haeussler is CEO of Alpine Leadership, a Colorado-based professional development company committed to helping organizations cultivate leaders that others want to follow. His career has included decades in the hospitality business providing him solid grounding in customer service. He has been an executive coach and leadership development professional for 15 years, including the health care industry.

Mark will present a workshop at the upcoming 17th Annual Forum event, April 13-15th in Lakewood.

The workshop will be held Friday, April 15th at 8:00am – and again at 10:00am.


Participants will learn how to identify and use more powerful language that will lead to better coordination with fewer misses. Learn how to better manage breakdowns that will be more generative and produce lasting results. A common frustration in health care is how to influence others outside of the traditional framework. All leaders have access to several bases of power and several avenues to persuade to get our ideas accepted by others. Participants will better understand their conversational options and become more effective influencers and listeners.

Learning Objectives:
1. Increase competency in language of leadership
2. Create more commitment to initiatives
3. Manage breakdowns more effectively


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