CEO Update: Mental Health Awareness Month

CEO Update: Mental Health Awareness Month

With the change in season and the weather getting warmer, I notice I tend to be happier. It’s strange how more daylight can make a difference for me.  It allows more time for me to get outside after work for fresh air, playing with my dog, making something on the grill, or even a little work in the garden.  I know I’m not the only one who benefits from these types of activities and the increased amount of daylight during this time of year. I think that’s why every year we hear about the bill to permanently end daylight savings time.

So many of us have had to dig very deep over the last year and a half to keep up our resilience and I know so many continue to suffer and need help. If anything, we’ve learned over this past year that needing help and assistant shouldn’t be hidden. Data shows that rural youth are twice as likely to commit suicide with individuals under the age of 25 accounting for approximately 11% of all rural suicides (20% of those suicides were committed by children ages 10 – 14 years).  Colorado ranks 20th for prevalence of untreated youth with depression (55.6%). Colorado also ranks 34th across the country for public psychiatric beds at 534 beds. Colorado has an opportunity to improve.

During CRHC’s most recent Forum Conference, we had several sessions focused on mental health, resilience, and workforce. If you were not able to make The Forum, you can visit our website to gain access to the recordings of these valuable sessions.

May is mental health awareness month and I hope that you take advantage of resources and links on our website.

You may remember the old comic strip, Peanuts, and specifically Charlie Brown. He was always a bit sad and down on life. I know Lucy tried to help with her “The Doctor is in, Psychiatric Help 5 cents.” But,  if you or someone you know needs help, it’s not a laughing matter and we hope that you reach out, speak out, and utilize all the resources available.


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