CEO Update: Time Off

CEO Update: Time Off

Taking vacation always leaves you refreshed although I know many of us don’t take as much of this valuable time as needed.  When we reflect on the last several years which have brought on a lot of additional stress and in all too often cases, burnout, I hope we can remember that vacation time was created so we could have time away to spend with family and friends and doing the things that bring joy to our lives.  Over the holidays I was fortunate enough to have two weeks off and I’m ready to take on the challenges and opportunities that 2023 has in store.

One of the first things that CRHC is always excited about in the year is the release of our Snapshot of Rural Health.  This year is no different. Soon, the 2023 Snapshot of Rural Health will be released and have some exciting additions.  One of the most notable will be links in the electronic version to the CRHC website that contain additional data, such as county specific chronic disease, alcohol use, injury information and more.  Additionally, the printed version is always handy when writing articles, grants, or creating presentations for your staff, board, or community.  Other highlights include expanded information on LGBTQ+ Populations, Veterans, the Housing Crisis, Telehealth, Women’s Health and Access, Prescription Drugs, Mental Health, Chronic Disease, Workforce, and additional maps.

I hope you enjoy the additional data added this year and we welcome feedback on other types of data that could be added to increase the usefulness and value


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