CEO Update: The 2024 Snapshot of Rural Health

CEO Update: The 2024 Snapshot of Rural Health

CRHC has released our annual publication called the Snapshot of Rural Health.  While it is far larger than a “Snapshot” these days, we retain the name for recognition.  If you’ve talked with me about the Snapshot before you know my goal is to continue to build out this invaluable resource and we are currently at 84 pages!

Not only is February the month to celebrate Valentine’s Day and the ones we love, it is also Heart Health Awareness Month.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has toolkits, articles and other information available on their website here.  The American Heart Association also has a host of resources here.  And CRHC has some data in the Snapshot of Rural Health 2024.  Data shows that rural older adults’ life expectancy is three plus years lower than their urban counterparts and this demographic experiences higher rates of medical conditions such as:

  • High Blood Pressure – 28.2% rural compared to 25.7% in urban
  • Heart Disease – 4% in rural compared to 2.3% in urban
  • Stroke – 3.6% in rural compared to 2% in urban
  • High Cholesterol – 34.8% in rural compared to 31.75 in urban
  • Heart Attack – 3.3% in rural compared to 2.5% in urban

If you want to learn more about heart health, chronic disease, women’s health, mental health, income and poverty, education and so much more please visit CRHC’s website to download your copy.




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