CEO Update: CRHC’s Annual Conference is October 4-6!

CEO Update: CRHC’s Annual Conference is October 4-6!

Thank you to those that were able to join us at this year’s Forum!  We had great speakers and great attendance from you, our clinics and we are looking forward to our next big event for all members, the Annual Conference, October 4 – 6, 2023.  If you haven’t yet completed the evaluation for the event, we would appreciate your feedback as we use it to develop and improve our agenda for the future to ensure our topics are exactly what you need!

For the Annual Conference, we are taking into account the struggles facing our rural communities and are lining up speakers to engage and invite conversations.  One of the questions we pondered, “what if you were to imagine a new healthcare system?” seems like a simple enough task, right?  Wrong! As soon as you start thinking about what a new system could look like, our current practices, social norms, or expectations get in the way.

We are incredibly excited this year to have keynote speaker, Harold Miller, President and CEO for the Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform to present on hospital payment reform. Back in January, Harold released a brief entitled “A Better Way to Pay Rural Hospitals,” pointing out some of the challenges that exist with the rural payer mix, insurance challenges, and goals for a payment system. This keynote will be followed by another keynote presentation from Brock Slabach, COO at the National Rural Health Association and Kelly Erb, Associate Director of Policy and Advocacy at CRHC. They will facilitate a conversation about rural payment including national data and a glimpse into the Future of Rural Health.

With the risk of rural hospital closures, it’s imperative we have conversations on how to change the narrative to one that allows at least a break even point for our rural facilities and continued access to care for our rural communities!

Save the Date for CRHC’s Annual Conference, October 4 – 6, 2023.


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