CEO Update: The Forum is in 2 Weeks!

CEO Update: The Forum is in 2 Weeks!

A few months ago, my husband discovered a website that allows you to take virtual site-seeing  tours.  So far we’ve visited Paris three times and took two different tours in the Louvre and one of the Catacombs, the sites of Rome, and some famous and historic sites in Dublin, Ireland.  The tour guides were all from those countries and it was really wonderful to experience places from their point of view.  Although it’s not the same as really being there and making a connection, I did learn a lot and it was cheaper than the baggage fee!  Now I can’t wait to visit in person.

As we’ve passed the one-year mark now on COVID, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel coming soon. With vaccines rolling out, I’m super hopeful that by summer we will have more of a sense of normal.  And since we haven’t crossed that line yet of back to normal, CRHC is hosting our Annual Forum Conference, a conference dedicated to providing education to Rural Health Clinics, as a virtual event.  I know it’s difficult to think of another event in the virtual sense and that everyone has Zoom fatigue, but the Forum promises a great learning opportunity.

We kick off the Forum in typical fashion with Day 1 dedicated to Workshops, specifically focusing on workforce needs. We are pleased to have NARHC join us on Day 2 to talk about Federal Policy related to RHCs with details regarding the significant reforms to RHC Medicare reimbursement and the context for these changes, an understanding of what legislative work needs to be done on telehealth and current healthcare priorities. You won’t want to miss this discussion.

We have sessions focusing on Workforce Burnout, Connecting to the HIEs, and overviews of Roadmap Activities, USDA Financing Programs, Team Based Care, HIPAA and Interoperability, Rural Health Coverage, Patient Navigation, Chronic Care Management, State Legislative Updates, Telehealth, LARC Pilot Program, MA Workforce Solutions, and COVID-19 Updates. With the major stresses of last year we were able to find a speaker to focus on the value of laughter and how humor can help us de-stress and gain our sense of well-being.

Finally, we didn’t forget the fun!  We’ll be hosting a virtual BINGO and virtual Trivia, where we hope you’ll grab a snack and a drink and connect live with other participants and our CRHC staff.

We miss seeing you all in person and hope that we can return to real face to face events soon!  We look forward to virtually seeing you April 7 – 9th.



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