CEO Update: Going Virtual!

CEO Update: Going Virtual!

Have you been watching more TV than normal? I know I have and I love the Food Network. Normally I love all the shows despite the fact that I’m not a very good cook. What drew me to the latest quarantine show “Amy Schumer learns to cook” is that she is telling jokes most of the time while her husband has that dry sense of humor and seems to let it roll off of his back. I think a lot can be learned from that behavior nowadays. We need to laugh more and learn to do things outside of our comfort zone- like cooking for me. I also think it brings us back to the days that we had to make do with what we had.

In CRHC’s day to day work we are making do with what we have and adjusting to meet the needs in the best way we can. For example, many of our activities are going virtual such as our regional quality meetings (which we’ve held for more than 10 years), our upcoming billing and coding workshops on August 11 and 18 (which bring a lot of fun despite the heavy subject). Additionally, his year our HIT innovation meetings will occur virtually on August 25-27. CRHC has also transitioned to providing you virtual RHC services that are normally conducted in person like mock surveys for new RHC accreditation or to ensure existing RHC compliance. Finally, to round out the year, CRHC will be hosting our Annual Rural Health Conference virtually on October 27-30. These events are the same high quality that you’ve come to expect from CRHC and an exciting opportunity to be innovative and creative, while at the same time keeping our staff, our members, and your patients safe!. That of course does not take anything away from our excitement to see you again in person when the day comes. Until then, stay safe and know we are here for you.


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